Spanish courses in buenos aires

Online Spanish Courses

1 or 2 hs a week

The perfect option to brush up your Spanish from home!

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Go to Intensive spanish course

Intensive spanish course

20 hs a week

The perfect course for beginners eager to learn fast

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Go to Semi-intensive spanish course

Semi-intensive spanish course

10 hs a week

The perfect course for travellers with tight schedules

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Go to Regular 16 spanish course

Regular 16 spanish course

16 hs a month

The perfect course for independent users of Spanish

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Go to Regular 8 spanish course

Regular 8 spanish course

8 hs a month

The perfect course for independent users of Spanish

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Go to Single 4_ spanish class

Single 4_ spanish class

4 hs single class

The perfect option to revive your Spanish with one single shot!

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Go to Preparation for exams

Preparation for exams

Customized schedule

The perfect course to spice up your CV!

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All our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires have a communicative approach. It doesn't mean you'll only practice conversation, or that we think grammar isn't important for your learning process.
It means everything you'll learn in the class will have a specific communicative purpose.

About us

Hi! We're a group of experienced and enthusiastic Spanish teachers...

After several years working together at El Pasaje Spanish School, not only we became good friends, but we've finally decided to go a step forward in our academic standards. And this new adventure is about keeping a smaller structure that allows students to enjoy professional and totally customized Spanish classes in Buenos Aires at an affordable rate.

Because there is nothing more rewarding, for a Spanish teacher, than helping students learn at their unique pace, focusing on their specific needs and achieving their personal goals. And we believe tailored classes, along with an accurate assessment, a customized and flexible course plan and a close monitoring of the student’s progress, are definitely the most suitable way to make it happen.

As for our Spanish classes, we strongly believe that learning a language is only possible by actually putting it into practise. Although grammar plays a key role in the process of learning, our way of teaching emphasizes the use of the language above all.

  • We've taught Spanish for 8-10 years. We've also assessed students' levels, prepared them for international exams, designed Spanish programs and teaching materials and coordinated groups.

  • We've been all trained at Universidad de Buenos Aires, one of the most prestigious in Latin America.

  • We'll do our best to adapt to your time in Buenos Aires, your budget, your needs and your specific goals.

  • We know having fun and involving yourself emotionally through the language learning process are key factors to learn faster and more effectively!


All Spanish classes can take place in our studio in Palermo or at your place. Depending on your level, interests and goals, we might propose taking certain lessons at other places, always with a specific linguistic and cultural purpose in mind.


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