3 great language exchange websites

So, you’ve been taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires for quite some time. You’ve met wonderful people in the city and got the chance to learn more about Buenos Aires’ culture. But everything comes to an end, and after living as a Porteño for a while, it’s time to return home. What will happen with all you’ve learnt? Don’t allow your Spanish to get rusty!

In order to consolidate your knowledge and keep developing your communication skills, you need to practise a lot by reading, listening, writing and speaking! This last item may be an issue when you got nobody to have a conversation with but, once again, here comes technology to save us: platforms to meet and talk to native speakers and language learners all over the world are nowadays offered to make learning an easier -and cheaper- experience.

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Just like any social media application, in these language exchange websites you need to sign-up and create a profile stating your native language -and languages you master- and, of course, the language you want to practise. Also, you’ll add some personal interests, such as topics you’d like to discuss, and your geographic location to help you find the perfect conversation partner! In person or through Skype, you can find a partner to talk with regularly or even talk with several people to practise more.

We know speaking is probably the biggest challenge when learning languages, specially if you don’t have anyone to practise with. Here I recommend some language exchange websites, specially picked for you based on their ratings! Try them out!


1- Speaky

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A community of more than 110 languages. It’s completely free and you’ll only meet people who share the same interests as you. The platform has an integrated translator, message correction system and multi-language keyboards.



2- Conversation Exchange

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A perfect opportunity to practise your second language by meeting up with native speakers living in your area! They also offer the chance to meet pen-pals and virtual friends in case you can’t find a partner near you. All you have to do is register and search their database. When you find an ideal partner, you’ll contact them via web, and when feeling comfortable, you can set time and location to meet up!


3-Polyglot Club

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Whatever your language level or your nationality, this social network will allow you to practice different languages, online or offline, while you make new friends and discover new cultures completely for free. You’ll find members ready to help you learn your favorite language and in return, you can teach them your mother tongue.


Bonus track: Mundo Lingo

If you live in one of the featured cities of this project, and very specially if you’re still learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you should definitely give this one a try!
Our personal favourite one. Run in 14 cities over 3 continents -and growing- Mundo Lingo hosts language exchange events every week with the mission of breaking down barriers between foreigners and locals through communication. It’s open to people from all ages, nationalities and language levels and, the best part: it’s totally free!
This is how it works: they’ll provide you with different flags according to the language(s) you speak well and the ones you’d like to practise. You’ll place them in your chest in descending order of ability. Then, you’ll stand up to show you’re willing to meet new people or sit for a private conversation.
These events take place 3 times a week in Buenos Aires, in different bars across the city. They usually end up with a big, international group of language lovers chatting until late at night.
Here you can check Mundo Lingo events in Buenos Aires.