5 amazing viewpoints in Buenos Aires

Though not well known, Buenos Aires has multiple options to enjoy the city from the heights at really cheap prices… or completely free! So, if you are a landscapes lover, prepare your camera because here are 5 amazing viewpoints in Buenos Aires!


1- Galería Güemes lookout tower | 165, Florida st.., City Centre.

barolo   Opened in 1915, this Gallery used to be a popular shopping spot and a social events facility. It is considered the first Buenos Aires’ skyscraper and it was visited by the most renowned personalities of Argentina, including Tango singer and songwriter Carlos Gardel. But one of the main attractions of this emblematic building is the privileged view that you can get from its lookout tower on the 14° floor, 87 metres away from the ground. Considered one of the highest points of Buenos Aires for many years, the 360° view offered is something you can’t miss. You can get to see classical domes and buildings of the city, the Río de la Plata and the Uruguayan border. It is open Monday through Friday, from 9.20 to 12 and 15 to 17.40 hs. It only costs AR$ 50 to get in!


2- Parque de la Ciudad Space Tower (a.k.a Torre Interama) | 4502, Escalada Ave., Villa Soldati.

viewpoints in buenos aires 2This 200 metres lookout tower is located in Villa Soldati neighbourhood. Well, it isn’t close to anything at all, but it might be worth it. Designed and manufactured in Austria, it was built between 1980 and 1981 for the Parque de la Ciudad amusement park. Despite it had been shuttered for many years, the Tower was declared City Cultural Landmark in November of 2010 and was reopened in 2011. One of its particularities is that it has observation decks at 120, 124 and 176 metres away from the ground. Besides the amazing view of the whole city, you can get to see the Uruguayan coast from the highest point. You can visit the Space Tower every weekend and national holidays from 10.30 to 18.30 hs. Tickets cost only ARS $40.


3- Palacio Barolo viewpoint | 1370, Avenida de Mayo Ave., City Centre.

viewpoints in buenos airesTo be at the highest point of Palacio Barolo is like getting into Dante’s Heaven. According to its creator, Mario Palanti, the building design was inspired by the Divine Comedy, and has 3 different spaces: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.
If visiting the Palace viewpoint at night, visitors will be able to see not only a starred sky, but an amazing illuminated city view. The visit ends when the light of its 100 metres headlamp starts shining. You can visit this highly recommended viewpoint on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8 pm.



4- Edificio Comega Tower | 222, Corrientes Ave., City Centre.

viewpoints in buenos aires 5

The Edificio Comega is also one of the highest buildings of Buenos Aires: it has 21 floors and is 88 metres high. Its construction begun in 1931 and was finished two years later. This Rationalist style building is one of the many highlights of Buenos Aires since it was declared Architectural Heritage of the city. The lookout tower is located at its 19° floor, where you will be able to see the historic city centre as well as its commercial areas.


5- Hotel Panamericano viewpoint | 551, Carlos Pellegrini st., City Centre.

viewpoints in buenos aires 4


The Hotel Panamericano is one of the most famous hotels in Buenos Aires. From its 67 metres high viewpoint it is possible to see an amazing 180° view of the city: from Recoleta, Palermo and Belgrano neighbourhoods to the north-east part of Buenos Aires, including Balvanera, Caballito, mythical Boedo, Flores and Parque Chacabuco neighbourhoods. Its perspective is so perfect that visitors will seem to be touching the tip of the Obelisco.