5 great places around Buenos Aires for the weekend

Here are 5 great places around Buenos Aires for when the pace of the city is too much and you need a more laid back atmosphere for the weekend:

1- Tigre

great places around buenos aires 1 Tigre is a great place to spend the weekend. It’s also one of the first choices for porteños who want to escape the rush of the city.

You can visit the historical center, the commercial area and the Port of fruits. From the city of Tigre you can catch one of the speed boats to get to the Delta islands. There you can enjoy the river, practise water activities or simply enjoy the low paced atmosphere.

If your idea is to spend more than a day, you might consider bringing along a tent or renting a cabin in one of the islands.

Tigre is 33 km from Buenos Aires. 50 min. by train. 90 min. by bus.


2- San antonio de Areco

great places around buenos aires 1 The second great place around Buenos Aires for a relaxed weekend is San Antonio de Areco. This is a small city in the province of Buenos Aires.

There you can eat amazing asados in one of the many parrillas in town. After a great meal you might want to stroll down the quiet streets with colonial style buildings. Riding horses, outdoor traditional activities, hearing gaucho music and dancing are some of the interesting things you can do there. Also, you can fish in the river or sail in a traditional piragua.

The Fiesta de la Tradición is a beautiful attraction that takes place in November. If you go you’ll see gaucho parades and catch a glimpse of their amazing tradition.

Areco is 113 km from Buenos Aires. 3 hs by bus.


3- Colonia del sacramento

great places around buenos aires 3The third option is not in Buenos Aires but in Uruguay. Colonia del Sacramento is located where the Río de la Plata and the Río Uruguay meet.

It’s a small colonial town: beautiful views next to the river, cobblestone streets and delicious traditional food. One of the local dishes is the chivito, an uruguayan meet sandwich with fries. If you go you should definitively check the museums!

Colonia is 50 km from Buenos Aires. One hour by boat.



4- Iguazú falls
great places around buenos aires 4

This place is not near Buenos Aires, but you can still go for the weekend and enjoy one of the most amazing places in Argentina.

The Iguazú falls are located in the province of Misiones. You can check the falls from one of the balconies; but if you want a more immersive experience you can take a boat and experience the full power of them from below!

Also, you can do the Sendero Macuco, a beautiful walk through the rainforest. You will be able to see monkeys, birds, many insects and the famous coati.

Iguazú is 1350 km from Buenos Aires. Its one hour and 50 min. by plane. 18 hours by bus.


5- Mar del plata

great places around buenos aires 5

The last one of our selection of great places around Buenos Aires for the weekend is the biggest city in the Argentinian coast: Mar del Plata. It’s also the favourite destination for Argentinian families.

It has big and crowded beaches and more quiet ones in the south. Besides resting in one of them you can do many urban activities. There’s a beautiful casino and a port where you can try fresh fish and seafood. If you go to Mardel you have to try the churros at Manolo, they are super tasty!

Mar del Plata is 420 km from Buenos Aires. 7 hours by bus. 5 hours by train.