5 parks in Buenos Aires to enjoy the summer

Here we show you 5 parks in Buenos Aires to enjoy the summer in those days when you just can´t stay under the fan. Check them out if you are in town!


Reserva ecológica. 

The first of the 5 parks in Buenos Aires is the biggest
green area in town.If you are living in San Telmo or Puerto Madero you might want to check this place.It´s one of the best sites for jogging and enjoying nature. It really is a great place to escape the buzz of the city. Buenos Aires is so big and busy that you might eventually want to take a break from it.Whether you want to go for a run or sit on bench and admire the flora and fauna, this is the spot!


Bosques de Palermo

The other one of the 5 parks in Buenos Aires you might want to check is these collection on green spaces.
The Bosques de Palermo is the chosen place for picnics, jogging, and outdoor activities for people living in the northern barrios of the city.
Here you`ll find the beautiful Japanese gardens the World’s largest outside Japan.
In the area you´ll see an odd shaped structure that is one of the landmarks of the parks. It´s the Planetarium!
Popular with schoolchildren and adults, it´s a beautiful building that has been modernized. You should check it! Nothing like a short documentary on the cosmos to end your day!


Parque Centenario

The third of the 5 parks in Buenos Aires is a favourite among people living in the central area of the city. It has an artificial lake and a popular amphitheater. Whenever there´s a film or dance festival in town that´s one of the main locations for it.

In the park you will find the National Museum of Natural Sciences. Every porteño has been to the museum as a kind. It has a particular place in our memory.

Every once in a while we do a nostalgic visit! The park is great everyday and there´s a playful atmosphere. You will see families but also people practising yoga or playing music.

You can also check the flee market, it´s different to the one in San Telmo. More about old toys and clothes, it´s a nostalgia-packed walk through the busy corridor of stands.

Parque Rivadavia

This park is not well known among foreigners.

It´s located in the traditional and beautiful barrio of caballitoIt´s a small park but it works as a lung for the heavy streets of the area.

Now, the thing that makes it so important for porteños is it´s book fair. Going book hunting is one of the best activities for the weekend.

University students, schoolchildren, curious walkers peeking into the stands and engaging in conversation about literature and people playing chess… it´s all part of an atmosphere deeply rooted in the porteño soul.

Plaza Francia

The last of the 5 parks in Buenos Aires is within the area of the Bosques de Palermo. Plaza Francia is a green space where people go with a picnic and guitar mindset. On weekends you can walk through the fair and you will find local artists. It´s ideal for taking a walk in the afternoon.

The place is surrounded by cafes and bars.

But probably the two main things there are the Centro Cultural Recoleta and the cemetery. A visit to the cemetery of Buenos Aires is must do if you are in town.