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Argentinean Slang: What does “ponele” mean for Argentineans?

Literally, ponele could mean put to it, put to him or put to her. Yeah, it makes no sense. In Spanish doesn’t either. [For grammar geeks only: poner is in Spanish, such as in English (to put), a transitive verb. That means it needs an accusative particle or direct object: when you put, you need Read more about Argentinean Slang: What does “ponele” mean for Argentineans?[…]

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3 great language exchange websites

So, you’ve been taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires for quite some time. You’ve met wonderful people in the city and got the chance to learn more about Buenos Aires’ culture. But everything comes to an end, and after living as a Porteño for a while, it’s time to return home. What will happen with Read more about 3 great language exchange websites[…]