December 17, 2016

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

What do you think learning a new language is all about? Is it only a process in which you memorize a big amount of new information and then you store it until you need to ask where the bathroom is in a foreign country? Is it just another skill you add to your résumé? Or is it more than that? Have you asked yourself why you want to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, or what that new skill could mean for you? Take a minute to think of your answer…

To learn Spanish: an access to a new world

Learning a new language changes you. It opens up a whole new world for you to explore. Words and expressions were invented (and still are) to describe objects or situations that didn’t exist before. That is why each language and its derivations intrinsically contains its speakers history and experiences. Much more complex than grammar tables, right?

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That is why, although almost every Latin American country and Spain have Spanish as its official language, variations are unavoidable. And that is also why some words cannot properly be translated from one language to another. An example of this that you will understand even if you don’t speak a second language, is that once you know a new word that expresses a concept you didn’t know before, or you learn a more accurate new word, it becomes irreplaceable, and it’s very hard to stop it from coming into your head every time you want to think of a word to describe that concept.

And let’s not forget about the culture. Not only history and experiences define, and are defined, by a language in a complex and reciprocal way. The same also happens with its speakers character and their way of seeing life. We have all heard clichés such as “German people are more structured than Mediterranean people (or at least to Latin language speakers)”, or “Italian people are so passionate”… Yes, they are clichés. But are they just clichés?

To learn Spanish: A real danger!

learn spanish in buenos aires phrase

So if you want to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires you should be aware of the huge world of previously unknown meanings that could be opened up to you, no matter where you come from or how many languages you know. Yes, speaking some Spanish could be a highlight in your resumé, it could help you find your hostel in Cuzco or Medellín, and it might even be a great weapon to seduce Latin American boys or girls, which is an activity you should always be ready for. But it does not end there. If you’re serious about it, or just curious enough, and even if you just want to learn Spanish as a foreign language, new sensitivities, new concepts and new worldviews could change your mind forever. Meanwhile, pieces of a complex and beautiful culture are transmitted to you through our language.

Are you ready for it? Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires with one of these Spanish courses!