December 18, 2016

About our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires

We plan our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires respecting the needs, objectives and background of each student. Besides, we do not only teach a language, but we also introduce students to Latin American history, culture and idiosyncrasies. As well as this, we place an emphasis on language variations, focusing in Argentina and more specifically in Buenos Aires: Spanish, just like all languages and cultures, has its local variations, which is precisely what constantly enriches and invigorates the language. We recognize and value our very own traditions, habits and ways of communicating, but we also like comparing and contrasting our differences with other Spanish speaking countries or regions.

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A communicative approach

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Our Spanish classes in Buenos Aires always have a communicative approach, because we know you want to learn the language in order to use it. We work with different tools, such as audiovisual material, adapted and original texts, games, images and grammar exercises, with the overall objective of assisting you to achieve a level of comprehension and production in Spanish, based on a total immersion in the language. This is why our lessons are taught in Spanish from the early stages, facilitating a thorough approach, with a quick and efficient improvement in our students’ communication skills.


Spanish classes adapted to everyone


spanish classes buenos airesWe only offer tailored Spanish lessons, and make our best efforts to adapt to each student’s needs and goals. No matter if you live in Buenos Aires or if you’re just passing by, if you’re a young student or a bussiness (wo)man, if you want a crash course to deal with everyday life during your adventures in Latin America or if you want to improve your academic Spanish: during our long-time experience in this field, we’ve successfully assessed and taught all kind of students, with all type of Spanish backgrounds, needs, budgets and goals!

You can opt for taking one-to-one classes or sharing them with your friend(s) or couple, if your respective levels allow it. And in both cases you could choose among intensive, semi-intensive or regular courses. We also offer classes at home, specific lessons at cultural or historical places and Spanish lessons specially designed for passing international exams. In all cases, you can benefit from long-term discounts!

If you don’t know what kind of course is the most convenient for you, don’t worry! We can advise you on the advantages of each of these options according to your needs, goals, budget and time in Buenos Aires.

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